Thursday, July 15, 2004

Day went from bad to good

We had a major day today. The wee hours of the morn found me in an obsession to find more and more Savage Garden/Darren Hayes music/pictures/news. I now have Popular and their newest remix album. AWESOME.

Got manicy.

Lost time. I know now that it was Vanessa who took over and did something that is normal for a woman to do but led to upsetting Elly/flashbacks. This led to a very mixed up state for Blue. Was home alone at the time. Grandma had a doctor's appointment this afternoon. No one we knew was online at the time. Tried to make a few phone calls but was unable to contact anyone. Eventually we gave in to SI. Each of my breasts has 5 small slices. There is a tiny blood stain on one of my favorite t-shirts now. I was wearing the Big Dog shirt my mom got me on her honeymoon a couple years ago that says "I don't do mornings" It is small and probably will never be noticed by anyone even if it stains.

The cutting did help to calm and quiet. It was very minimal, however, and there was and is still a need for more. Fortunatly after this my day got extremely better. The care package from Harmony and Dawggy arrived. This completly turned my day back around. In it was of course my back up files, office, frontpage, and a few other files. Also in the box were several extremely thoughtful items. Most prescious is an angel doll named princess. Under her belt was a small card with a poem on it. Harmony told me to put it in my bible but I've already forgotten where it was I was supposed to place it in there. I will most likely place it in my wallet, however, so we can take it with me whereever we go. The card has this poem:

There's Sunshine in a Smile

Life is a mixture
of sunshine and rain,
Laughter and pleasure,
teardrops and pain,
So just keep on smiling
whatever betide you,
Secure in the knowledge
God is always beside you,
For each time you smile
you will find it is true
Somebody somewhere
will smile back at you,
And nothing on earth
can make life more worthwhile
Than the sunchine and warmth
of a beautiful smile.

-Helen Steiner Rice

Also in this box was a Million dollar bill, with Dawggy's real name on it. It is really cool. I so can't wait to show Marcie! There was also a Tootsie Roll Lollipop (orange) and some melted gummy bugs. Both of which I have already eaten. And last but not least are two neat computer made cards. All three of them (Dawggy, Harmony, and their son) signed them. This box of such wonderful things made us bawl. I can't exactly explain

I got to speak to both Dawggy and Harmony on the phone today. Dawggy helped me to set up Office and a few other computer things.

EvilLyrics is now working with iTunes. Dawggy gave me yet another gift today as well. That new Savage Garden remix album. I don't know what I would do without these two angels of mine. I know I say this everyday but I cannot stress enough how wonderful they both are. We are truly blessed.



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