Friday, April 20, 2007

Blades of Glory

Yesterday mom called at like 6:30 or so AM! Like, YUCK! I went over there. We took Dillon to school then went and picked up moms car from Toyopros. Then I atesome chocolate before going to the clinic. When I got to the clinic I found out we were going to the movies. We saw Blades of Glory. Kinda dumb but funny in a couple parts.

My heater ain't working. Lee came over and tried to figure out why but couldn't figure it out. It was too late for him to get ahold of anyone that can fix it so I've got thermals on. It should get fixed monday.

I need to get some homework done and organized this weekend. The end of the semester is coming next month. I also need to get my place straightened up at least a little.



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