Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Today I went to clubhouse in the morning. Annette gave me my meds early because she won't be there friday.

No cake.

After clubhouse and talking to Annette I went to grandma's house. I took grandma to get her almost dead car and followed her back to the house. A few minutes later I left to get to my 2:45pm doctor appointment. I went to get some pain meds for my back and to find out why I keep getting dizzy and my ears ring. The doctor gave me Naproxen and samples of a muscle relaxer called skelaxin that's not covered by Medi-cal. He looked at my ears and said they were inflamed which didn't surprise me cuz they hurt and the ringing. Dizzyness can be caused by a problem with your ears.

I went back to grandma's and after a while we went to sizzler. Grandma gave mom $60 for us to eat and give me the change. So I've got about $5 and some change now from that. I paid my $3 dues today at clubhouse so I have two five dollar bills now and some change. I'm trying not to spend any money unless I really have to.



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