Wednesday, April 11, 2007

too many lifesavers

My tongue is icky because I ate too many lifesavers today.

I talked to Grace about the housing and she said that she can't help me. I have to go back to the housing authority office in sante fe springs and appeal. My current rent is $414 but my income is only $856 plus a couple hundred a year for financial aide for school. I can't afford the rent now. Grandma and mom cannot afford to keep paying for some of my bills. I'm very thankful that they have been helping me with my car insurance and groceries this month.

I tried calling section 8 housing but all u get are machines. i left a message and if they don't call back today (which they won't cuz it's after 6pm now) and don't call back by tomorrow afternoon i'll call them again.



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