Sunday, April 22, 2007

Depressingly calm


Anonymous said...

You are right you are not a freak. It is not the right way to deal with things either though. My boyfriend use to be a "hard core cutter." His arms and legs are full of scars, he even has cut to chunks of flesh out of his body. All this before we started dating. Even after we started dating he has cut his self twice. You need to find a better outlet. I know some days get very overwhelling and you dont know where to turn but cutting is not the place to turn. It may feel good for a moment but in a while the pain and hurt will still be there. Sometimes jesse will listen to music, or work on an art project. I have clients that will read or go for a walk. Anything to get you mind off of it. I also got jesse a book that has helped him a lot. It is called Understanding Self-Injury: A Workbook for Adults. I found it on Amazon. It has really helped jesse see why he self injures and how he can help himself not to do it. I feel for you and i hope that you can get better. Good luck with the end of the semester. Keep your head up.

~Jamie Lynn
Aberdeen, SD


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