Sunday, July 18, 2004

I'm going to try to follow the list. I'm not really sure how I just spent the last couple hours.
14. Poetry book
I found a book that Ann gave me long ago. It's called Take Each Day ONE STEP AT A TIME: Poems to Inspire and Encourage the Jouney to Recovery. I have posted a couple of the poems into this blog recently. The lortab is wearing off. The pain is getting bad again. :'(
15. PS2
I have Simpson's Hit and Run game here right now that Dillon loaned me. I'll go try one "mission" once. I'm not very good at video games.
16. Theatre Nodes
Much like the Psych nodes, I use the index of my old theatre text books. I recently finished Wireless Microphone, now I gotta find a new one. WinchNow I have the hiccups that hurt again. grrrr.
17. Boxes.
I have a couple of boxes in here. At least one of which is just random crap that needs to be gone through. I'm gonna go see if I can find a place for at least one item from that box.
18. DayPlanner thingy
I installed a dayplanner program on my computer but I need to set it up and to add all the holidays, classes and such to it. That's the last thing that is on the list, so now I need to add "Read" which I already said would be Student Bible.
So now back to one.
1. E2 Vote/Search
I upvoted and C!'d [contact juggling] by parkan. I am now going to read the third writeup they have. Then I'll have read all that this person has posted so far. I wish I could stop hiccuping!
2. Floor
My purse dumped so I'll put that back together and pile my books a bit better for now. Damn hiccups
3. MusicLet's see if I can get all the times and sizes in for all the songs that start with B.
4. The Iluminatus Trilogy.
5. Me
I need to go get my shower done. I'm going to hit send now so in case my computer goes stupid while I'm away this will have been posted.



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