Sunday, April 8, 2007


My mom called me around eight am this morning. I got up and went over there before the twins woke up. We each had a basket, all five of us. They all had some candy in them and there was a bowl of candy too. I got 4 twelve packs of diet soda. I left one of them over there and brought the other three home with me.

After I got home Marcie and her mom came over. They brought me housewarming and birthday gifts. They got me a cheese slicer, electric can opener, tea, some garfield stuff, headphones, windshield wipers, $20, a case for my flash drive, 2 cds, and a couple other things.

I ate ziti parmasana for dinner, then ate the left over dip and now I'm eating a can of corn. My electric can opener works good. I've been eating candy all day.



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