Friday, April 23, 2004

A conversation from the [distracted noders] group:
(it's fun!)

2004.03.29 at 03:12([distractednoders]) [nocte] says I was just curious if there was anyone else who says "SCREW ALCOHOL! I’m Gonna hit the NUTRASWEET hard tonight!" *shrugs* =)

2004.04.04 at 12:20([distractednoders]) [TanisNikana] says I would just like to remind you all that Ernie could kick Bert's ass in a fair fight. Oh, yeah. And you lot are also in distractednoders.

2004.04.04 at 13:24([distractednoders]) [skybluefusion] says NO WAY! Bert wyoud totally turn around and hit ernie into last week! it's always t he quiet ones...

2004.04.04 at 18:00([distractednoders]) [briglass] says Let's ride bikes!

2004.04.04 at 19:02([distractednoders]) [bishopred1] says ]Snuffy the Snuffle-upagus|SNUFFY SMASH!]

2004.04.09 at 04:47([distractednoders]) [TanisNikana] says So, how long do y'all think we can talk about stuff before we stop?

2004.04.09 at 05:51([distractednoders]) [skybluefusion] says Oh for a long time! i'd say for a whole hour...oooh what's that? shiny....

2004.04.09 at 06:26([distractednoders]) [TanisNikana] says Well, last time, we got to 7 messages before we stared at the fire.

2004.04.09 at 07:29([distractednoders]) [bishopred1] says fire? no one said anything about a fire? where's the fire?

2004.04.09 at 07:30([distractednoders]) [TanisNikana] says /me stares into the fire

2004.04.09 at 07:35([distractednoders) [skybluefusion] says oooh Smores!

2004.04.09 at 15:56([distractednoders]) [bishopred1] says smores = bears!



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