Tuesday, April 13, 2004

My Schedule (continued):
Time don't exist. I used to have a piano class on wednesday but was forced to drop it. Now the only mention of time throughout the day is when the E2 server time hits midnight I get votes. weeeee. That is I think 4pm here, or it was. Daylight savings time made me all confused of course. What doesn't confuse me?
But anyways...

Similar to tuesday, but busier...
11am: My best friend, "Europa", calls. At this point I get jump up and get all my stuff together, get dressed (sometimes I am already), brush my teeth and hair and whatnot, and am just about ready when she arrives at my house twenty or thirty minutes later.
Once I'm ready we head out the door, to our college. It's a short drive and then we drive around in circles in the parking lot trying to find a spot. Generally we have about twenty minutes from the time we get out of the car until my class starts.
Often times we will go to the student store or the cafeteria and buy ourselves a drink. I usually get a Sobe. Then we head toward my classroom.
12noon: From the Citrus College Catalog:

Strongly recommended: Reading 099 if reading score is below level 2.
Use of Windows, Word, Excel, and Access for personal and professional
productivity. Concepts and applications of common microcomputer
computer hardware and software. May be taken two times. Recommended
for all students. CSU;UC

The class is scheduled for 12:00pm-1:50pm.

The Book Club. I somehow became the secretary. Europa somehow became the treasurer.
We are currently reading Dandelion Wine By Ray Bradbury.

The meetings are over by 3pm, usually earlier. Europa and I head back to that computer lab. (Heh, what else is there to do?)

4pm: "Linner" with Stephie and Liz. Seems more than half of the time we have pizza. I love cheese pizza.
Usually back at the school between 5 and 5:30pm
Guess what we do then? Yep, we get on the computers...but not in the computer lab. In the library.
Liz has a class at I think 6pm.
Stephanie and I have a library class together.
Europa has her math class.
Students will survey and evaluate a broad range of reference materials,
databases, Internet search engines, and websites. They will prepare a
bibliography, present a library orientation, learn how to conduct the
reference interview, and formulate search strategies for answering user
queries. CSU

By 9:50pm we're out of there. Europa drops Stephanie home usually. Then me. I rush in and turn the tv on. ER. Then I'm back on the computer.
Time loses meaning again....

Between 8 and 8:30pm phone call is made. Karaoke at 9pm most weeks. It ends at 1am. Europa usually drives. None of us drink much or often. We go home when it's over and time goes back to its meaninglessness until 11am Tuesday moring.

So No I must get ready. It's close to 11am Tuesday. The week has begun!



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