Friday, April 23, 2004

e2tv group conversation

2004.03.24 at 19:54 (e2tv) Servo5678 says bluebird_is_sad has joined us.
2004.03.24 at 19:55 (e2tv) TanisNikana says Good day to you. Now, have a seat over here on the couch, and stare into the bluish glow...
2004.03.24 at 20:02 (e2tv) skybluefusion says /me panics...she's misplaced her tv remote! She'll have to step away from the computer to turn the tv back on!
2004.03.24 at 20:06 (e2tv) Servo5678 says The only rule of e2tv is that you must spend most of your time in front of glowing screens.
2004.03.24 at 20:07 (e2tv) TanisNikana says Gameboy Advance SP, computer, TV, wristwatch, phone, microwave, I think that's all the screens I got.
2004.03.24 at 20:36 (e2tv) skybluefusion says well i sleep with my computer (laptop) on the bed with me, and always on. Does that qualify me? ;P
2004.03.24 at 21:20 (e2tv) Servo5678 says I'd say that qualifies. Bonus points for cuddling with it ;-)



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