Saturday, April 24, 2004

more /msgs

These were from Ed, in response to a discussion on self-injury in the bible. I still haven't looked these up.

2003.10.06 at 23:45 EggZ says Luke 8:26-39 speaks of a madman.
2003.10.06 at 23:49 EggZ says Mark 5:1-20 speaks more of said madman. Note 5:5 especially.
2003.10.06 at 23:54 EggZ says Matthew 8:28-34 speaks more of madmen not sure if they're related to the other two passages.
2003.10.07 at 00:00 EggZ says I learned about the Madman of Gadarenes on one of the bus rides to or from church this past Sunday. I only remembered the Luke passage mentioned but I did Google research, cuz I could not find where it said he was a cutter, and found mentions to the other
2003.10.07 at 00:00 EggZ says two. I hope you and me can share in the knowledge of such a good book. Love, Ed.



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