Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Daylog: January 12, 2002

My struggle with depression is once again a tough one....

It can't be now

The [silver] [blade]

The [shine] will [fade]

The [pale] [skin]

She will [Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned|commit a sin]

Slice the [flesh]

[Don't be mean|Don't make a mess]

[Sometimes I want blood|The blood does drip]

Her mother would flip

She watches the [blood]

It is not quite a [flood]

Just [a few drips]

[Orange juice] she sips

To keep up her [strength]

The cut is of [great length]

She wonders if her [life] will ever change

She knows the [world] thinks she is [strange]

At [twenty] years old [I have no work to do|she has no job]

She lives with her [mom] and [How to stay up all night|all night she does sob]

The thought of [suicide] does occur

The only thing that stops it is amour

[She Loves You|She loves] her family, they can't bury her now

[there must be worse lives|She must wait for death] but she don't know

[When] or [where] or [who] or [how]

[All she knows] is it can't be [now]...



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