Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I have decided, because I don't want to do any homework and I certainly don't feel like cleaning right now I would put my schedule here:

My week starts on Tuesdays:

11am: My best friend, "Europa", calls. At this point I get jump up and get all my stuff together, get dressed (sometimes I am already), brush my teeth and hair and whatnot, and am just about ready when she arrives at my house twenty or thirty minutes later.
Once I'm ready we head out the door, to our college. It's a short drive and then we drive around in circles in the parking lot trying to find a spot. Generally we have about twenty minutes from the time we get out of the car until my class starts.
Often times we will go to the student store or the cafeteria and buy ourselves a drink. I usually get a Sobe. Then we head toward my classroom.
12noon: From the Citrus College Catalog:

Strongly recommended: Reading 099 if reading score is below level 2.
Use of Windows, Word, Excel, and Access for personal and professional
productivity. Concepts and applications of common microcomputer
computer hardware and software. May be taken two times. Recommended
for all students. CSU;UC

The class is scheduled for 12:00pm-1:50pm.
I have a friend in this class, Zachary. Good guy. We spend a lot of time on AIM. I have not been doing much of the work for this class and will soon need to scramble to pass it.

Europa's class is Literature of the Bible and starts at 12:30pm but she's also out of class by 2pm. I meet her in the main computer lab after class. I'm generally on AIM or ICQ at random times between 2pm and about 6:30pm on tuesdays. At some point we usually go to get food.

6:30pm: Log off and head toward my Psychology class.

Strongly recommended: Reading 099 if reading score is below level 2.
An introduction to the field of psychology through a study of facts and
principles involved in learning, motivation, intelligence, personality,
and adjustment. CSU;UC (CAN PSY 2)

The class is scheduled from 7pm until 9:50pm but I don't think it has ever run that close to 10pm. We usually get out early. Europa's class NEVER gets out early though. She has Trigonometry from 8pm-9:50pm. I usually go and log on in the computer lab and wait.

10pmish: Headed home. I usually go potty, grab some oj and plop down on the bed in front of the computer. I'm online from then on. I do take naps, but can usually still be reached even while sleeping. My computer is a laptop that sits on a small table on top of the bed. I generally hear the IM's unless I'm in too deep of a sleep.

ummm my attention span is short....Let's ride bikes!

To be continued....



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