Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Okay. Now. Let's start this now. Hmmmmm. Who is this Confusedalot/Bluebird/whoever the heck is writing this? I dunno.
I'm me. I'm sometimes called Blue. I've got many names.

I am a college student and spend most of my time online, most of that is spent on www.everything2.com. Great place. Anyways...I should be doing something right now. Homework and cleaning my room and such. Hmmmmm. The fact that I can post to this right through my IM which is always on and I'm pretty much never without a "buddy" or two on there, I'll prolly post fairly often. Now I just have to let my friends know....

Oh, If you're trying to find me on e2 I'm bluebird_is_sad.

P.S. I'm new to this so don't know if the teensy bit of HTML I used here will work. I'm a novice with coding anyways. Learning as I go....



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